So single ladies, how do you tell if he is around you just to get under your panties or he is actually in tge relationship for a long haul. Here are 7 ways to know bro aint playing you……

1. He pays attention to all that you say and makes wise decisions when it comes to you

A honest and loyal man believes that his future and yours are equally important and your well-being is more important than his, he will take cautious when he thinks about you and will leave no chance for problems.

2. He will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world

It isn’t only about your physical beauty, even in your pajamas or getting ready for a big party your man would always believe that you are the prettiest woman he knows. Your man would admire you for your inner beauty and he would tell you how good of a person you are both inside and out.

3. You will see that he’s always around at the time of need

The right guy would always be around you in time of need no matter how busy he is, If you get into any trouble, he would leave even the most important things behind and come to your rescue. This proves how much he cares for you an how much he’s committed to you. A man who is a player will never put too much effort into solving your problems.

4. He would never make you feel that your problems aren’t as important as his problems

A loyal and honest man will believe that your problems are as big as his problems and would equally want to tackle them. He would not make you feel like your problems are a joke, he would listen to you carefully and and give you good ideas on how to solve your problem.

5. He loves to hear you talk, no matter what topic you talk about

Many people have observed that men do not converse too much but if your man is loyal to you and he is not a player, he would always be interested in what you talk about. He would always appreciate that you are expressive and you share a lot with him.

6. Just to surprise you he will go to any human extent

Your man would love to surprise you every time, whether on your birthday or some other kind of anniversary. Gifts are another thing but his ideas would fascinate you.

7. He will talk a lot about your future with him

If your man talks about his future with you, then he is serious about spending his life with you. A man proves his loyalty and seriousness by talking about the future, kids and marriage.

These are the 7 ways to know whether your man is a player or not