9 Reasons He’s Just Not That Into You

Break-ups. We’ve all spent hours wondering where we went wrong, over and over again. Why did he break up with you? Ultimately, you may never know the exact answer but you’ll need to move on regardless. To help give closure, here are 10 things guys never tolerate in a relationship:

1. Acting phony

Don’t think that a man can’t see when you aren’t being sincere. He wants you to be yourself. The person you are supposed to be with will love that you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

2. Being clingy

No man likes a woman who is obsessively attached to him. Especially early on in a relationship, calling constantly, hanging onto his every word and showing up unannounced is going to scare him off. You want to let him know you care, but playing it cool can play in your favor if he spooks easily.

3. Following the crowd

He’ll notice if you just follow the crowd. A man is looking for a woman who is original, unique and independent; not someone who can’t think for themselves. Develop your sparkling personality instead of following the crowd to catch a winner.

4. Being too serious

I have yet to meet a man who takes life so seriously that he can’t laugh at himself once in a while. He wants the same from you. Many things in life are meant to be laughed about. Show him your silly side and take a joke. Your smile and laugh are contagious, but not if you never show it.

5. Being demanding

Of course you want to express your opinion on a date, but no one likes being bossed around. Don’t confuse confidence with pride and remember to let your date talk about what they like to do, too.

6. Being envious

Do not get jealous of another woman. He will notice your lack of self-confidence. Envy is feature that can make the most beautiful woman very unattractive.

7. Playing dumb

Hiding your intelligence is not an admirable feature. It just makes you look ignorant in front of your date. You don’t have to be a genius to find your prince, but pretending to not know anything doesn’t do you any favors. Speaking up about your interests and pursuing education is a very attractive quality.

8. Being inconsiderate

Would you want to be with a man who is inconsiderate? Of course not! A humble person treats others with kindness and understanding, which are qualities you want to find in your partner. Be considerate of others. You may have it all but if you have an ugly heart, he will move on.

9. Negativity

Being vulnerable and being emotionally overbearing are two separate categories. It is okay to open up and be honest about what is happening in your life; that is what makes you genuine! However, constant crying, complaining and moodiness are not going to convince anyone to stick around. Being a positive person is much more attractive.

After mourning the loss of your relationship, take time to evaluate why he broke things off. Take the chance to learn from this relationship, improve yourself and realize what qualities in a person will make you happiest.