Boy, 7, Buys Pony After Raising Over $2,000 By Selling Lemonade For Two years

A boy in Australia has bought a pony with money he raised from selling lemonade, it has been reported.

7-year-old Sabastian Kent became popular after a video shared by his mother Juliana on Facebook showed him shed tears achieving his ultimate goal – owning a pony.

Sebastian shed tears of joy at his first meeting with Tom Boy, a white pony he purchased after spending two years selling lemonade and saving his birthday, tooth fairy and Christmas money. He raised $2,285 for the purchase.

What do you think?” the mother asks in the video.

It’s awesome,” he replies through his tears.

The boy’s parents said Sabastian’s lemonade became very popular among locals to the point where he started setting up stands at local events and social gatherings.

His lemonade became a hit and he had to progress to bottling it so he could produce enough in advance the day before,” Juliana told CNN. “He had a lot of lemons donated, too. Sometimes he was paid 20 cents, other times family would donate to him $20 or even $100 to put towards his pony savings.”

Sabastian said he now has need of further funds to purchase a saddle and pay for Tom Boy’s veterinary care.



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