Protesters Destroy Dangote Cement Factory in Ethiopia

A group protesting the death of about 55 people in a stampede that occurred in the Oromia region of Ethiopia have attacked a Dangote cement factory belonging to Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

The protesters burnt down truck and machinery at the Dangote Cement Factory in Ada Berge, Oromia. They also burnt down a police station and allegedly set prisoners free in the Bule Hora region of the country.

The cause of the stampede was said to be security men opening fire at a festival, killing about 55 people in its wake. A courtroom and government-owned vehicles were also torched.dangote cement factory




  1. its like ethiopia that used to be africa,s econ showpiece under late president zenawi is now getting more and more authoritarian or so it seems. And AU seems to fade out of existence


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