Domino’s Pizza To Be Delivered By Canoe In UK

Popular Pizza delivery franchise Domino’s Pizza could soon be delivering pizzas by canoe.

The pizza delivery by canoe is being tested by a Domino’s in England. It aims to deliver to homes along a local river.

A photo of a Domino’s employee paddling along the River Loose while making a delivery was shared by the restaurant.


According to the company, ‘bouys’ will deliver the pizzas in boxes equipped with special inflation devices to keep the food safe and dry.
The company is aiming to deliver pizza along the River Loose within 22 minutes during the two-week trial in collaboration with local canoe company Kent Canoes.

Domino’s Pizza Loose store manager IIona Paozalyte said, “We’re really excited to be the first store in the UK tasked with providing a river service.

Being in an area that is famed for its scenic waterways means the rivers are a big part of the local community so we’re glad we can extend our standard delivery methods to harness the local scenery and ensure we can deliver by land or water to pizza lovers in the area,” Paozalyte added.

Domino’s has also committed to donate to the Loose Conservation Trust in order to help protect the local waterways.