Donald Trump Reportedly Calls Khloe Kardashain a ‘Fat Piglet’

Report says Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump fired Khloé Kardashian from the eighth season of his reality tv show, ‘The Apprentice’ because of her looks and weight.


According to multiple Apprentice staffers, the billionaire businessman called Khloe a “fat piglet”, when she appeared on the celebrity hit NBC show in 2009 and was eliminated during the sixth episode.

“He basically wanted to just get rid of her,” an editor on the show told The Huffington Post in a report published on Friday, October 14. “He called her a ‘piglet.’”

According to the editor, Trump also said, “What is this? We can’t even get the hot one?” while referring to Kardashian’s older, most famous sister, Kim.


A second source who also worked on the eighth season of the show confirmed the comments and added that Trump said things like: “Why don’t we fire Khloé? She is a fat piglet. Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?”

A third Apprentice source also told The Huffington Post that Trump personally saw to it that the KUWTK star was eliminated from the competition.

“When they fired [her], it wasn’t on merit,” the third editor said. “It was on him not liking her.”