Equatorial Guinea Consular General, Wife Shot In Rivers State


The Consul-General of Equatorial Guinea in Nigeria, Juan Mbomio, and wife, Maria, are receiving treatment in a hospital in Calabar, after they were shot on Monday.

According to reports, the envoy and his wife were on the way to their base in Calabar when they were waylaid and shot by armed robbers operating between Rivers and Akwa Ibom states.

It was gathered that the driver, Isaac Eyup, and a consular attaché, Innocencio Ngomo as well as an unidentified police escort, were in the vehicle when the incident happened.

A source said, “The incident happened between 7.45pm and 8pm on Monday, October 10 at the border between Rivers and Akwa Ibom states.

“The vehicle was blocked and the robbers started shooting from the back and front. The windscreen and the body of the vehicles were ridden with bullets.

“Some of the bullets touched the consul-general and his wife. He had different gun wounds on the neck and chest, while the wife was shot on the left knee. They dispossessed them of their belongings including money and phones. The robbers took off from the scene and left them.

“The consul-general and those with him managed to find their way to Calabar that night and it was on the way that they discovered that they had serious bullet wounds. They got to Calabar at about 12 midnight and at 1.30am they had started receiving medical attention in the hospital.”


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