Everything You Need To Know About No Bra Day

In recent times, there has been a renewed wave of enlightenment for breast cancer and how carrying out breast examinations are important to fighting the disease.

The month of October is generally regarded as Breast cancer awareness month. However, since 2011, National No Bra Day has become part of efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer. #NationalNoBraDay is the hashtag used on social media for breast cancer survivors to share their experience.

October 13 is now somewhat accepted as a day when women are encouraged to ditch their bras to promote the message of self-examination.

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So, to all the women out there, be sure to undergo regular breast examinations and be sure to report to your doctor if you notice anything umsual, do not ask your friend or roomate, see a doctor immediately. Remember, early detection is important in beating breast cancer.

To honour today, be braless, show support.


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