Germany To Repatriate Nigerian Migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany will repatriate Nigerian migrants.

The Local, a German news website, reported on Saturday that Merkel will support Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram, but its asylum seekers will be sent back by authorities.

She said most of the migrants claim to be seeking international protection from the insurgents but Germany presumes that most of them came for economic reasons, unlike the Syrians or Iraqis who are fleeing war zones.

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At a joint press conference with President Muhammad Buhari on Friday, Merkel said: “I think we will need to take a vastly greater interest in the destiny of Africa.

Reports claim that so far this year more than 10,000 asylum seekers in Germany are from Nigeria. Germany is asylum seekers’ top destination in Europe and Merkel’s government has come under a lot of pressure following last year’s massive influx of migrants to her country.

Buhari is currently in Germany to discuss issues on terrorism, militancy and migration.

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  1. Not all Nigeria are economic some left cos of treating from some people,, like me my story was not economic I left cos of everything I went through from my daddy brother cos am an orphan…

  2. Well Germany is one of the best place to travel to for Nigerians seeking greener pastures abroad. Though I always advice people especially Nigerian youths that wants to travel to Germany, go through study visa. You will get two advantages, One, you have a degree, two, you have time to study the country while still in school and it will be easy for you to settle down there


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