Kaduna Declares ‘Red Alert’ On Bird Flu

Kaduna State has declared a red alert on a possible outbreak and spread of bird flu.

The virus was reported to have been detected two weeks ago on a small poultry farm in Chikun district of the state, causing fears that there might soon be an outbreak.

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Dahiru Abdullahi, an official in Kaduna’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Development, told journalists that the incident was reported to appropriate authorities in the country and Bird Flu Desk of the World Bank for quick action.

This is why we have declared a red alert,” Abdullahi said, adding the affected farm had since been isolated to curtail the virus from spread.

According to the official, local poultry farmers have been sensitized and urged to report any sign of the virus on their farms to the authorities, among other measures being taken by the livestock department of the state.

Early this year, there were outbreaks of the avian influenza in the Plateau and Ebonyi States.

The bird flu, also known as avian flu, is an influenza that spreads among birds and can affect humans.


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