Kim Kardashian’s new security detail to costs $100k Daily

Kim Kardashian isn’t taking any chances after her terrifying robbery in Paris, but according to security experts, it’s going to cost her spending upwards of 100k EVERY DAY just to be safe.

Kim Kardashian

Aaron Jackson, the President of Finest Execution Protection, told E! News that; “Security guards are paid hourly, which can add up fast. While they can bill anywhere from $70 to $125 an hour, what they cost per hour varies on the client and potential threat level”.

Considering how famous Kim is and what she just went through, Aaron estimates that Kim, 35, will likely be charged about $150 an hour for every guard she uses.

Kim Kardashian

Even though that amount sounds small to what the reality star earns per day, if she’s going to have 30 guards around her like she did when reuniting with Kanye West on Oct. 3, that adds up fast.

Inside sources say, Kim will likely want security around her 24/7 — and if she’s paying 30 guards 150/hour, she’s going to cough-out about $108,000 per day!