Short Horror Story: Mr. Biggs Has Become An Endangered Species

Mr. Biggs formed the cornerstone of many Nigerian childhoods. Their N90 meat pie (whatever price you remember it as betrays your age so na you sabi) eventually became the standard by which I continue to judge all other meat pies *I’m looking at you Sweet Sensation meat pie*

Don’t even get me started on Tantalizers meat pie that is harder than Nigeria’s economy


My first crush in University got a Mr. Biggs on Valentine’s day because, to be honest, there was not much to choose from and Biggs was awesome!

This was me and my girl back in ’06


To my utter disappointment and chagrin, Mr. Biggs has become like the Black Rhino, the branches don dey scarce. Our government has to take proactive steps to ensure that our much loved Biggs’ outlets don’t fade into obscurity.

Today, sighting an outlet is like spotting a unicorn


So, guys, let’s all come together to arrest this situation because this is how I be right now






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