Short Horror Story: Nigerian Animated Series “Rat Race” Is Painfully Unfunny

I’m a fan of anything Nigerian so when a Nigerian production falls hand, it annoys me more than a little. It’s been a trying week, following the announcement of a second installment of the immensely shitty movie, John Wick.

I was diligently scrolling through my timeline when I found a tweet proclaiming that the ‘funniest Nigerian animated series’ just dropped a pilot episode.

Naturally, I was like,


The series is titled Rat Race, and is written and produced by Michael Adukeh and Lionel Spiff.

It’s a series about two Nigerian rats passing comments on social issues

To be fair, it started off really wait as the opening three seconds were pure gold, look at that, it’s like your girl jumping into conclusions.


It quickly went downhill from there as the attempts at humor ranged between forced and totally irrelevant. Plus, whatever accent it is they’re playing with needs to be dropped…FAST

I didn’t manage a chuckle throughout the pilot. However, I’ll be sure to subject it to the three-episode test.



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