U.N Appoints New Secretary General

The United Nations has appointed Mr Antonio Guterres as its new secretary general to replace Mr Ban Ki Moon inJanuaryy. Mr Guterres is the former prime minister of Portugal and the head of the UN refugee Agency was appointed this morning in a poll that took place in New York. Ban Ki Moon, the current secretary-general has been in office for the past ten years.

The appointment which was not vetoed by any of the members of the security council is subject to a formal approval by the General Assembly, Mr Guterres will be taking over from Ban at a time when the world is experiencing a migration crises. His experience as the head of the UN refugee agency gave him added support from the global community.

The selection process is reported to have been the most open in the 70year history of the organization, Britain and the US were said to have voraciously called for a woman to take the job for the first time in UN history. A total of 13 contestants submitted their proposals for the post and more than half of them are women.


  1. Congratulations. But Next time the UN Secretary General must emerge from Africa.. As you seek for the wisdom of God to ran the affairs of your office Mr Guterres, may the world witness peace through you in Jesus name.


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