Vladmir Putin Emerges Winner Of Chavez Peace Prize

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has recently made a jaw-dropping announcement of a Hugo Chavez Peace Prize.

Nicolas Maduro hugo chavez peace price
Nicolas Maduro


Maduro on Friday announced in a televised broadcast the creation of a peace prize in honour of the country’s late leader Hugo Chavez, and said he was awarding it to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The announcement was made the same day that the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Juan Manuel Santos, president of neighbouring Colombia. Santos bagged the award for his role in negotiating a peace agreement with Columbia’s FARC rebels.

Maduro said during his announcement, “I’ve decided to create the Hugo Chavez prize for peace and the sovereignty.

He also unveiled a statue of Chavez designed by a Russian artist.

I think President Vladimir Putin deserves this Hugo Chavez award,” he added as he described Putin as a “fighter for peace.”

Maduro also stated that the winners of the prize will receive a miniature replica of the statue.

Hugo Chavez


Hugo Chavez himself was known globally as a Socialist.

He often challenged the US during his 14-year tenure, and made alliances with Russia and China.