WhatsApp rolls out new Snapchat-like features for Android users


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is rolling out new features for Android users. The company has brought out the image doodling feature out of beta mode for public release. The feature enables users to doSnapchat-like drawing on photo and videos.

The update also allows Android users to add emojis to express themselves. The users just need to select a brush size or font style by dragging left on the colour selector. The new editing tools appear whenever a photo or video is shared (old as well as and new ones).

The feature is expected to be rolled out to Apple iOS users too soon.

The update also brings the ability to send multiple chats at once while sharing or forwarding messages. Users frequent contacts will appear on the top at the time of forwarding or sharing messages. Users can also slide their finger up or down to zoom in and out while recording videos.

Lastly, the popular instant messenger also gets a new front-facing flash for better selfies in low-light conditions.

Recently, WhatsApp quietly rolled out an update which allows people to tag others in WhatsApp Groups. The new tagging feature means that users may no longer be able to mute notifications in Groups. As in case, a user has been tagged, he or she will still receive the Group’s notification

To do this, users need to type in @, following which the names of the group members pop up. They can select the people that have to be tagged. Multiple users can be tagged and all of them are notified. Moreover, the feature also sends notifications to the people who are not in a user’s contact list but are part of a WhatsApp group. The update is available on both Android and iOS, but not on the desktop app. With the update, it seems that WhatsApp has closed all ways to avoid annoying group notifications. The only way out is to either turn off app notifications completely or leave the group.

Source: www.gadgetsnow.com


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