The Photo Which Won The Wildlife Photograph Of The Year

An exhibition for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year opens this week at the National History Museum in London.

The exhibition showcases stunning photographs of the wonders animal and plant kingdom around the world.

US photographer Tim Laman won this year’s Grand Prize for an image showing an orangutan shinning up a tree trunk high above the forest floor in Indonesia’s Gunung Palung National Park. The picture is from his series ‘Entwined Lives’.

The image was captured by snapper himself climbing high into the canopy to plant Go-Pro cameras, which he later triggered remotely from the ground when he spotted the orangutan searching for wild figs.

wildlife photographer of the year

The jury chair, Lewis Black, said the “remarkable frame” drew attention to the orangutan’s “ever-dwindling habitat”.

He added: “The story is well-known but we need outstanding photography like this to bring it across to us afresh.

 “It touches our hearts and our minds – and just might help support actions to stop the destruction.”
Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an annual international wildlife photography competition owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife. It is the most prestigious wildlife photography competition in the world.

More than 50,000 entries from 95 countries around the world were submitted for consideration this year before a judging panel narrowed them down to just 100 finalists to feature in the exhibition.

From these, 16 overall category winners were chosen in fields such as Mammals, Underwater and Urban wildlife photography.

The finalists’ exhibition will run in the East Pavilion of the Natural History Museum from 21 October 2016 to 10 September 2017.

See full gallery here.


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