Brazilian Protesters Demand Military Rule

Several Brazilians broke into the chambers of the lower house on Wednesday to demand a return to military rule. Brazil has suffered severe political uncertainty this year and has seen many of its top political figures involved in corruption cases.

Dilma Rousseff was impeached as President for breaking budgetary provisions during her reelection. A massive corruption scandal involving state-run oil company, Petrobas saw many top figures including the Speaker of the lower house, Eduardo Cunha fingered.

Rousseff’s Vice President, Michael Temer has taken over as President but is also facing allegations of corruption. He called Wednesday’s protests a “violation of the norms of democratic co-existence.”

Some other Brazilians protested non-payment of salaries as many public workers have not been paid in months. A drop in global oil prices has seen the country experience its worst economic recession in decades.

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