Canada Immigration Website Crashes As Trump Wins US Election

The Canadian immigration website has crashed amid Donald Trump’s US presidential election victory.

This has prompted many to link the two developments.

As election took place in the US, and Trump posting big gains in key battleground states, Canada’s immigration website crashed, media reports said.

There’s no guarantee the two things are related, but given the loud insistence of many Americans, every election cycle, to move north in the event of an unfavourable election outcome, it’s not a huge leap to assume that many despondent voters are exploring options,” CNN said.

Data from Google Trends also suggested searches for ‘move to Canada’ spiked significantly during the night as Trump victories unfolded in key battle states such as Florida and Ohio.

The Telegraph also posted on Twitter that people in the US were increasingly searching for the word “emigrate”.

The two developments widely trended on social media with people mocking the two developments. Countless jokes about people fleeing the US over the election results circulated on social media.


Others pointed to the website’s crashing as part of a wider theme of signs that Trump’s victory was inevitable.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is one of several world leaders who have criticised Trump in the past.

In a stunning result, Trump beat Hillary Clinton, defying the odds to become the 45th US President after starting off as a rank political outsider.


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