Catholic Priest Shows Aborted Fetus In Church To Rally Support For Trump

A Catholic priest in the US has chosen an extreme method to gather votes for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Father Frank Pavone displayed an aborted baby in his church to encourage people to vote for Trump in the US election because of his anti-abortion stance.

Father Pavone dedicating a basket of naming certificates for 47 babies who died in a clinic in Philadelphia, USA.

The service was streamed to thousands of people using the Facebook Live video service and has been viewed more than 230,000 times.

Pavone, who is part of the anti-abortion group Priests for Life said the fetus he used was entrusted to him by a pathologist for burial.

The 44-minute video also shows the church leader holding up graphic images of abortions and dead infants.

catholic Priest shows aborted foetus in church to encourage vote for donald trump
Frank Pavone

On his Facebook page he wrote: “Majority of voters in online poll choose pro-life as most important issue.

In the video he says: “I am showing [this dead child] to you because in this election we have to decide whether we will allow this child killing to continue or not.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic platform says yes… Donald Trump and the Republican platform says no.

There have been calls from Catholic leaders for him to stand down, with many calling his act a sacrilege, and a violation of canon law.




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