Domino’s Trains Reindeer To Deliver Pizza For Christmas

The Japanese arm of pizza chain Domino’s has turned to the reindeer as the answer to winter weather difficulties, Japanese newspaper Japan Today reported.

Domino’s Japan announced it is currently testing out the possibility of using riderless reindeer to deliver pizzas in the snowy north of the country amid expectations of a particularly harsh winter.

Japan’s meteorological agency has predicted this savage winter could disrupt public transportation and close roads as the inclement weather worsens.

The company released pictures showing how the pizza warmers mounted to the reindeer’s backs would work, as well as photos of reindeer training to be pizza-delivery deer on the grounds of a driving school in the icy city of Ishikari, Hokkaido.

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A video posted to YouTube by Domino’s Japan shows how the reindeer deliveries would work and how the company would use GPS trackers to follow the progress of the deliveries.

The video reveals the plan still has some hurdles, such as ensuring the pizza warmers remain affixed to the reindeer and preventing the animals from wandering dangerously into roads.

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The company said it is still working on some other issues with the scheme, including ensuring the safety of any people or animals who encounter the reindeer and determining how the reindeer would be trained to walk long distances without accompaniment.


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