Donald Trump Is Leading #USElections And The Internet Can’t Take It!

It’s election Night in the United States but the attention is global as people around the world are glued to their Televisions for election updates. That’s what you get for being the world’s only superpower.

U.S Presidential debate

Despite polls predicting a landslide victory for Democratic candidate p, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump looks like a safe bet to clinch the much needed 270 electoral votes as he already has 233.

You can read up on how the US elections work here.

Clinton suffered shock losses in Florida, New Hampshire, and Ohio and although she may well yet nick it, the odds are significantly against her.

The internet is just as shocked that Trump is in the lead with the Dollar losing sharply against the Euro and the Yen. Canada’s immigration website has also crashed!

It sure seems a lot of people are resigning themselves to a Trump triumph.

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