The HB Small Market Advantage

Sundays were probably the most interesting days of the week, not because of the never-to-be-forgotten “Sunday-Sunday rice “or the “Sunday clothes” clothes, but also because of Sunday Market in many communities.
The Sunday market was the happening place for everyone in town; it was an avenue where different people with a variety of goods assembled at the market square to buy and display their wares. Everyone was supportive of the next person’s venture. It was amazing.
Sunday market built a major part of who we are today – business success and lasting friendships. That is why Heritage Bank is launching the “Sunday Small Market”.

The HB Small Market Advantage
The idea behind this initiative is to bring together Nigeria’s finest wares from small business owners in a big, free market space at their office, 130 Ahmadu Bello Way, VI, Lagos. An interesting part of this is the fact that the market comes with a fantastic 50% discount on items! Imagine that.
It’s no secret that the prices of goods are going over the roof, but with the Heritage Bank’s Sunday Small Market, you can rest assured that prices will be “under the roof”.
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience the classic style of shopping – Sunday style. Come out to Heritage Bank 130, Ahmadu Bello Way, VI, Lagos, for the first edition of Sunday Small Market on the 6th of November, 2016, from 12noon. Let’s support our small businesses in an atmosphere of fun, excitement and growth.
See you there!


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