Here’s Why The NCC Increased Data Prices

A directive from the Nigerian Communication Communication On Tuesday increased the floor price of data to N0.90k/MB. The NCC raised the floor price “pending the finalization of the study on the determination of cost based pricing for retail broadband and data services”.

Away from the technical mumo-jumbo, the NCC has in all its wisdom decided that there is ‘unhealthy competition’ among Nigerian telecoms companies in the area of data services. The result of this ‘unhealthy competition’ was great for customers as telcos were charging well below the floor rate for data, basically meaning cheaper data for us.

Thw NCC has however, said that the lower prices put new Internet Service Provider entrants at ‘risk’ of folding up since they are more expensive and have smaller shares of the market. For a minute, I could have forgotten Nigeria is a capitalist system until the NCC reminded us that to save companies like Spectranet and Ntel, everyone else has to pay through their noses for data.