Man Born With Rare Deformity Pleads, “I Want To Live A Normal Life”

arun-kumarA 22-year-old man from India, Arun Kumar, suffering a rare deformity, has launched an online appeal for medical help to enable him live a normal life.

Kumar, who was born with two extra legs on his back, has difficulties walking or sitting properly as a result of the deformity.

One of the limbs is underdeveloped, while the other is permanently bent at the knee.

He said: “If I get an operation and doctors take off my two extra legs, then I can also live a normal life; I may be able to move and walk properly like others”.


Kumar also said he is ready to undergo an operation to correct the rare deformity if doctors are willing to do an operation to remove the additional mysterious limbs.

His mother, Kokila Devi said: “During childbirth he got stuck and didn’t come out without pain. And when he came out, all his limbs were the same size.

“When my father-in-law saw Arun he took his bullock cart and took me to Farrukhabad (hospital)”.

His father, Ram Singh, said: “We went to Fatehgarh, then Delhi, also Jalandhar. The doctors said an operation couldn’t be performed.

“Then we got disheartened and came back to our village and everyone here said, it’s okay just live like this”.

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hermant Sharma, who examined Kumar, said: “Since he has four legs, we will be keen to know where is the blood supply coming from, and where is it going into his legs, and also we need to find out has he got extra kidneys, extra urethras, extra bladder?”


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