Is It Time For Manchester United To Sack Jose Mourinho?

Manchester United assistant manager, Rui Faria has thrown his support behind Jose Mourinho following United’s 1-1 draw with West Ham on Sunday. With 20 points from 13 games, Mourinho has made the worst start to a campaign by any United manager, including the much maligned David Moyes.

Mourinho now holds the unenviable record of four consecutive league matches without a win for the first time since February 1990 and has drawn four consecutive league games for the first time since 1989.

He compounded his woes by getting sent to the stands by Referee Jon Moss after kicking a bottle in frustration as Pogba received a yellow card for diving.

Faria said after yesterday’s match,  “It’s a big club and we are used to big clubs – we also know how to take a team to win, We know that we will do it”

Addressing Mourinho’s sending off, the assistant manager added,  “I think everyone saw his frustration in the situation where it should be a free-kick for us.

“And there’s the issue about the yellow card for Paul, which means he’ll be suspended, so there is maybe reasons to express some frustration.”

Despite a run of poor Premier League results, Faria insists United’s title chances are still alive, “We are looking to the team and trying to get the best results. We knew the job was not an easy job and we fight to change the things and it’s what we’ll keep doing.

“We believe in the players, we believe in the team and we believe things will change. And what we are chasing will arrive for sure”

Mourinho experienced failure for the first time as a manager last season after he was sacked from Chelsea in a season when everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Having lost nine of their sixteen fixtures and lying in sixteenth place, Mourinho was shown the door.

Is it too early to suggest that he be given the boot at his current position?



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