How A N100,000 Credit Alert Landed Undergraduate In Police Trouble


A 26-year-old undergraduate, Sunday Akande, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, for his alleged unlawful detention over an offence he claimed he is innocent of.

Akande, in a letter through his lawyer F. E. Ojeikere, copied the Commissioner of Police, Anambra State, citing a breached of fundamental human rights, said he was wrongfully arrested and detained by the police after he voluntarily reported a N100,000 credit transaction into his personal account.

The petitioner claimed that sometime in July 2016, he received a credit alert of N100,000 on his First Bank account with a branch on Airport Road Warri, Delta State. Since he was not expecting such money from anywhere, he felt that the money must have been wrongfully paid into his account.

On the same day, he went to the bank to notify them of the misdemeanour and requested that the money be debited from his account. On getting there, the manager directed him to write a statement of his complaint, which he did.

However, months after lodging his complaints, the bank still didn’t debit his account.

According to the petitioner, on October 24, he went to the bank to transact normal business, but discovered his account has been frozen, noting that he was then directed to see the bank manager.

While waiting in the manager’s office, he said, unknowingly to him, he (manager) had secretly invited police to arrest him, saying “from there I was taken to Ekpan Police Station at Uvie Local Government Area, where I was detained for three days.”



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