16 Things Niger Delta Elders Are Demanding From The Federal Government

President Muhammadu Buhari met Niger Delta groups and Elders on Tuesday in a bid to end the Niger Delta crisis.

President Buhari met with Niger Delta groups on Tuesday

One of the important points of the meeting was the 16-point demand made by the N’Delta Elders;

  1. Ogoni cleanup and environmental remediation
  2. Inclusive participation in oil industry and ownership of blocs
  3. Fiscal Federalism
  4. Strengthening the Niger Delta ministry
  5. Restructuring and funding of the NDDC
  6. Decrease in Military presence in the Niger Delta
  7. Resettlement of Bakassi communities
  8. Key Regional Critical Infrastructure
  9. Economic development and empowerment
  10. Resettlement of displaced persons
  11. Power supply to all regions toes to gas supplies
  12. Review of the Presidential Amnesty Programme
  13. Law and Justice for aggrieved groups
  14. Surveillance and Protection of Oil infrastructure
  15. Prompt take off of the Maritime University
  16. Relocation of HQ’s and admins of IOC’s



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