Nigeria’s Population Now 182 Million – NPC

According to the National Population Commission (NPC), Nigeria’s population has risen to 182 million, with more than half of its people under the age of 30 years.

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NPC’s Director General, Ghaji Bello, made the disclosure on Thursday.

According to Bello, the figure was estimated based on the 140 million recorded in the nationwide 2016 census, and an annual growth rate of 3.5 percent weighed against other variables such as rising life expectancy and a declining infant mortality rate.

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Ghaji Bello, Director General of the National Population Commission


The NPC boss added that 40 percent of Nigerian citizens were below 14 years, noting a rapid increase of its youths.

According to Vanguard, Bello said there are plans to hold a census this year to validate the latest population figure.

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Nigeria’s population has been increasing rapidly for at least the last 5 decades due to very high birth rates, quadrupling its population during this time, according to the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.

It remains the most populous country in Africa, and seventh in the world.