Police Foil ISIS Attack On Israeli National Football Team

Police in Kosovo revealed on Thursday that they have foiled potential attacks from Islamic State (ISIS), one of which would have seen the Israeli national football team targeted.

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According to Sky News, the attacks were planned to occur in Kosovo and Albania, with the Israeli national team set to play a FIFA World Cup qualifying match in the latter on Saturday.

Explosives and weapons were located after the suspects’ homes were searched, and there were “clear targets on who and when should be attacked.”

The police also revealed they found “religious material and literature from well-known authors recognised for their extremist ideology.”

According to the police, the potential attackers received their orders from an Islamic State member called Lavdrim Muhaxheri, who has previously dubbed himself “commander of Albanians in Syria and Iraq.”

Subsequently, 19 suspects were arrested in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia over the past 10 days.

The match between hosts Albania and Israel was held in Elbasan after the initial venue for the game, the city of Shkoder, was changed due to security fears. Israel won the game 3-0 with over 2,000 police officers in attendance to keep guard.

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Also The Guardian reported that “A police statement said plans were in place to attack Saturday’s match in Albania, and at the same time attack another target in Kosovo.”

The Balkan region of Per Dearden is said to have yielded plenty of recruits for ISIS in the past, with the majority fighting in Iraq and Syria. However, reports suggest that the number of members joining from the area have dropped significantly over the last year.