With Zimbabwe Running Out Of Cash, Robert Mugabe Announces Retirement

With Zimbabwe facing an economic crisis and a severe cash crunch, President Robert Mugabe has finally admitted that he’s in over his head. Mugabe, who has maintained a vice-like a grip on political power in the country for over thirty years has now said he is considering retirement.

It comes as a huge shock primarily because Mugabe has always insisted he will die in office. His retirement is not coming anytime soon as he will contest the 2018 election which will see him remain in power till 2023, at which time he will be 99 years old.

Mugabe is quoted as telling “war collaborators” that he believed he had now “defeated… the British and Americans…” and that he understood times were difficult in Zimbabwe. “We are in a critical time… for regime change.”

Zimbabwe is one of the world’s poorest performing economies and things got to a head last week when it ran out of cash, announcing that it will now use Bond Notes instead.


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