Hi Everyone. So I have decided to share a particular issue that has been on my mind for a while now.

You know how you have that one friend that can almost eat every single thing in sight, ice-cream, cookies, you name it and can’t exercise to save her life and yet she still looks all fit and healthy? But you on the other hand, if you dare take a bite from a chocolate bar, the tightness of your clothes would be so gangster.


Well if you do, then you surely know how I feel almost every time and then I think about exercising and start to eat to calm myself just thinking about it. Right now I am snacking on cookies and pushing it down with a glass of Three Crowns Milk.

Oops… Ok. Maybe I shouldn’t have let you know that piece of information. (lol)

Truth is, we cannot deny how good it feels when we are fit and healthy and seriously, it’s ok to crave that healthy feeling and wish to be in that body state, because apart from the beautiful feeling that comes with it, it has many advantages like building up your resistance to sicknesses and making you look good and feel agile.

So that is why when I heard about the Three Crowns 30-day fitness challenge starting on the 14th of November to the 10th of December, I decided to jump on it and also share with you guys.

It’s a 30-day challenge with a personal coach, the popular Mr. Shedams of ShredderGang who would post different interesting demo work-out videos and food plan daily on Three Crowns Instagram page @3crownsmilk, for us to replicate the videos and post on our personal Instagram page not forgetting to tag @3crownsmilk. There is also the part where you have to snap the food you are required to eat and post alongside the video.

All I have to do is sign up by sending your picture, full contact details and Instagram handle to [email protected] now.

be honest, one of my major attraction is how every video I send in automatically gets scored based on how committed I am to the challenge, how I get free gifts to encourage me weekly and then at the end of the 30 days, when I win, I also get to take home very fabulous prizes. Don’t worry guys, I am so winning this.

Ok… let’s pause for a second and think about what I just said…


Free weekly pampering gifts and fabulous prizes when I win and not to forget, a fit and healthy body to flaunt around! I mean who helps you stay healthy and give you gifts at the same time? So that is why I am seriously encouraging you all, especially Three Crowns fans  to join this fabulous 30-day fitness challenge because at the end of the day there is no excuse not to stay fit and healthy especially with a brand like Three Crowns Milk.

So who is with me?

For more info, visit @3crownsmilk on Instagram.


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