I Have Been Unlucky, Sad – Nollywood Director Set To Divorces British Wife

Renowned Nollywood movie director, Yomi Fabiyi, has made known his plans to divorce his British wife of four years.

Fabiyi said this after several months of denying that his marriage to Fran was sinking.

According to him, his marriage had completely failed and he had been unhappy for a long time.


The popular producer, on his Instagram page @yomifabiyi, said the major issue was the long distance between both of them.

He said his wife refused to come to Nigeria to live with him and that on his own part, he refused to settle down in the UK because of his career.

He wrote: “It’s so sad that a lot of people never give me the benefit of the doubt. Only a handful think it is right to respect my freedom of choice.

“I have been unlucky in life, most of what I do normally have opposite impression irrespective of my positive mindset. I cannot help it and will rather prefer to continue to be real as possible, I am used to being misinterpreted my entire adult life.

“I never aim to hurt anybody in words or actions before them or behind them. I am never raised that way. They forget that some people no matter how horrible the situation, still has some dignity left in them.

“I have also been raised to know that no matter how small the interactions I have with anybody, I should not let my manners slip. It cost nothing but could win a whole lot of goodwill.


“Moreso, I have been vigorously warned by my parents never to prove to know if what am ready to give out is a guess.

“Hopefully Fran accepts my proposition to end this marriage now as I cannot continue this way, AM NOT HAPPY anymore as we edge close to the 4th year anniversary.

“Fran is such a beautiful woman, supportive and wish I can live in England, take up employment and study. I HAVE USED HER DOCUMENTS TO RENEW MY NORMAL VISA ONLY, so no question she is not willing, I NEVER said that.

“With all humility, if she never promised me she is coming to take up employment in Nigeria and live with me, maybe we may not
have secured the dating. I have made it abundantly clear I am not prepared to live abroad as my career was just gathering shape then. I decor wedding hall Nigeria colour on purpose.

“The outlook of my choice may look familiar to those marriages but I never thought people will think of me that way. I have to live with that but sometimes it can be so bruising.


“I am focused on my career and keeping my fans and admirers entertained. I have an absolute right to do whatever makes me happy provided it is nothing 2criminal, illegal, immoral or anti-social.

“I am NOT interested with the reason two adult came together. It’s crude and an uncivilized thing to do for me.


Source: Dailypost

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