10 Lies You Were Told About Christmas

There are a lot of myths which surround Christmas and people have accepted many of them to be true after hearing them millions of times.

But many of these myths are actually not true.

You’ve probably heard of the Three Wise Men, or Christmas is the day Jesus was born.

The fact still remains that the Bible never made mention of anything about exactly three kings.

Also many experts seriously doubt that Jesus was born on December 25th.

In the video below, one would get to know the truth behind these myths.

Watch, learn and enjoy.

Video credit Alltime10s


  1. Kai!!! Malu,why dont you just concentrate on your violent encouraged religion or something close and dont write things you dont understand.The Bible did mention WISE MEN FROM THE EAST,HE NEVER CALLED THEM KINGS.IF YOUR PROBLEM IS IN THE NUMBER THEN TAKE THEM TO BE 20 for all i know.Mathew 2 vs 1-


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