3 Students Charged After Feeding Home Economics Teacher Semen Frosting

Three boys face misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges after masturbating into containers and mixing their bodily fluids with frosting for their high school cooking teacher to sample during a taste test this week.

According to a law enforcement official, the Omaha Westside High School students in Nebraska, USA, between the ages of 14 and 15 went to the bathroom on Thursday and added the offending ingredient to the frosted turnovers they were making as part of their home economics class.

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The class’ assignment was to make turnovers and frost them, and at some point, the boys excused themselves and went to a bathroom.

They eventually mixed their bodily fluids with frosting and spread them on the turnover.

Doing a quality-control check, the teacher, a female, tasted one of the turnovers and noticed something out of place.

A fellow student eventually approached the teacher and told her that he had overheard the boys talking about their plot.

The boys were interviewed by high school administrators. Two of them admitted their actions; the third said he chickened out.

The school’s spokeswoman Brandi Petersen said the students will be disciplined, but said she could not release more details about the punishment.

The students will face consequences,” she said.

District officials “are working with Omaha police to determine what, if any, criminal citations are issued,” she added.

Petersen also said the incident is not representative of Westside schools or students.

We do not tolerate anything of this nature,” she said.

Omaha police were called — and officers seized each boy’s frosting container.

Police were hoping to arrest the boys on suspicion of a felony, the official said.

But after consulting with prosecutors, police could find no state law that governs such behavior, the official said. Assault didn’t fit because it has to involve bodily injury.

Nebraska has some laws that criminalize acts such as spitting on a police officer.

Their cases will be handled in juvenile court.

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