How To Find a Lover Before 2017!

The year is about to end and it’s time to make yet another New Year resolution. If your resolution is nothing else but hooking up in 2017, then it’s time to pull up your socks because there’s still some time for 2016 to end! If you were unable to abide by your resolutions all these years, it’s time to ditch your laziness and slip into the New Year with a lover in tow. But, if you’re bad at the game of love, here are 5 tips to ensure you are not single as we ring into 2017.

1. Choose the perfect ‘hook up spot’

No, you won’t hook up with that hot boy/girl at a crowded bar. Try the gym, your office! Yes, these places are high on probability of finding that suitable partner. Try to befriend somebody who has similar interests so that it is easier to break the ice at these places.

2. Flirt, right

When you’ve spotted the right target, it’s time for step 2 – flirtation. Gone are the days, when all the singles mustered up some courage and mouthed the cheesiest lines ever to hook up. Modern day flirting implies minimalism. Start a fun conversation. Smile a little, pick up a topic that interests both of you and keep it short, and tell the person how great it was chatting with him/her. Also, make it known that you’d love to catch up with the person again.

3. Make them feel special/drop a compliment

It is not only girls who love to be told how unique they are, boys love to be complimented as well. Compliments are hard to take but fairly easy to give. If your point of interest is an office or gym mate, it’s even easier to make them feel special. Simply focus on what they are good at and viola, before you know, the ball would be in your court.

4. Use your charm

If you are a charmer, half the battle is won because by the time the other guy in the room will think about approaching a girl, you’ll already have all her attention! Impress your interest with your wit and confidence. Look straight into the eyes and you won’t be single (metaphorically) by the end of the conversation.

5. Don’t look too available

While you have to definitely convey subtly the fact that you are not in a relationship, try and maintain that you are not easily approachable because that’s one point which can be a hindrance in losing your single status. Remember, sounding desperate will be the end of the road even before you begin your journey.



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