I’m coming for you” – Dabota Lawson replies Sylvia Nduka

Yesterday, we reported how Dabota Lawson dragged a fellow ex-beauty queen for allegedly sleeping with her ex husband and asking around to find out the father of her daughter.

Well, the ex-beauty queen REACTED to that yesterday, and we all thought the drama was over until Dabota responded this morning, warning that she’s coming for her.


Read her post below.

“The #JokeOfTheYear is you honey. And I really want to put this behind me as I promised your sisters but Its unfortunate you choose to publicly address out of 3 points ( my best friend and daughter ) the one that matters to you the most ( The Man) . When you clearly understood from our conversation and your apology over the phone yesterday that the fact that you claim we are “sisters” and you didn’t reach out to me after you heard I had a baby but started fueling rumors/ cracking jokes about who my Baby’s father is and then coming on to my IG page to blow kisses is what pissed me off. also considering you’re the one who advice me to keep all of this low key, haba! No mother would tolerate that. . I mean I value you more than a man whose existence is totally irrelevant to me at this point in time and that has not and will never change, hence I never addressed all those allegations in the past. as a matter of fact 99.9% I believe you won’t stoop so low. But for my precious little baby, my heart and joy after 9 months and 12 hours of labor ? My dear you know I’m coming for you . You touched me where you’re not supposed to, you crossed the line and hurt me big time, friends don’t do that and that’s why I got mad. But it’s all good .”


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