Yemi Alade Hits Back At Critics Of Her Lyrics In This Cringe-worthy Video

Nigerian pop singer, Yemi Alade has taken some bashing on social media over the lack of depth in the lyrics of her songs as several Twitter users chided her and advised her to employ songwriters.

Yemi Alade

The singer’s record label, Effyzzie responded to some of the comments in what many deemed as unprofessional but it was to be the least cringeworthy action in an episode which has now degenerated into the pathetic.

Yemi Alade has now responded to the comments personally in a new video, telling her critics to shut up because she is ‘smiling to the bank’ before pulling out the gender argument. She reckons her critics should also scrutinise the lyrics of her male counterparts before bashing her.
Watch the video here:

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