Kid Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprints To Buy Gifts

A child in in Arkansas, USA used her mother’s fingerprints while sleeping to unlock a phone and open the Amazon app to buy gifts days before Christmas, The Wall Street Journal reports.


Little Ashlynd ordered 13 Pokemon gifts of $250 for herself, and told her parents she was “shopping” when they thought their Amazon account was hacked. The 6-year-old reassured her parents that she got the shipping address right.

Her mother, Bethany Howell, was only allowed to return four of the items, after her daughter’s scheme was foiled. She told Ashlynd that Santa Claus learned about her fingerprint folly and wouldn’t be bringing her all the gifts.

Online purchases have been a serious concern in the US.

The Federal Trade Commission in the country hit Apple, Google and Amazon with complaints accusing the companies of making it too easy for kids to make in-app purchases.

Kids buying online without their parents’ consent has cost these companies millions in settlements.

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