Sports Illustrated Names Lebron James Sportsperson Of The Year

Cleveland Cavaliers star, Lebron James has been named Sports Illustrated ‘Sportsperson Of The Year’. Lebron led Cavaliers to an unprecedented NBA title last season after they rallied from 3-1 down to take the Championship.

It ended a drought of over 30 years of sporting honor for Cleveland and the Cavs have continued to look imperious in the new season. Sports Illustrated said in its announcement,

He, of course, was not the only athlete to help end a famous title drought. He wasn’t even the only athlete to be part of a comeback from a 3-1 deficit to end a famous title drought. He is, however, the only athlete who did those things to gain more than a ring. In putting the Cavaliers on his back in the NBA Finals he also fulfilled a promise to his home city and to an entire region. He was following through on that heartfelt, but risky, vow he made three summers ago when he returned home after four successful years in Miami.