Man Stages Fake Police Standoff To Propose To His Girlfriend

Armed police officers in Alabama, USA, surprised bystanders by storming a petrol station, as part of a man’s ploy to propose to his partner.
Video filmed by a witness and posted to YouTube shows two police cars pulled up outside a petrol station.
Two officers with guns held ready then move towards a man and order him to get on the ground.
The man complies, climbing onto his knees, and the officers ask a woman who identifies herself as his “wife” to fetch an object from the man.
The “suspect” can then be seen digging around in his jacket, suddenly producing a ring box.
The instant she sees the ring, the man’s partner covers her face and staggers away, while bystanders begin to cheer.
One of the officers claps the woman on the shoulder, and she half-leans against him, overwhelmed by emotion.
“I guess you’re not his wife just yet!” a female police officer can be heard teasing.

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