Muma Gee’s Family Christmas Card Is Missing One Major Thing

Muma Gee posted her family’s 2016 Christmas photo on her facebook, and it features only the singer and her kids!

Muma Gee

She captioned her post;

“Heart undivided, Love unending…. Christmas chilling with the fruits of my womb, in the city of Abuja. It’s a mother and children’s bond….Family ties forever!”

But who else is missing from the pic? Her husband (Prince Eke) who recently called her out for abandoning their 3-month-old baby for four weeks and running off to Abuja.

Prince Eke

He wrote then;

“This is not a cheap publicity, I am not washing my dirty linens in the public, neither do I want to invoke pity. How nice is it for a woman to abandon her 3 months old bay for 4 weeks and ran off to Abuja with God knows who and is being seen in Abuja at public joints and night clubs with different men. I really cant stomach it any longer and at this point the world should know for posterity sake.”

Although, the matter was resolved quietly, we’re guessing he didn’t make the cut because he probably wasn’t around or there’s a crack in their marriage as a result of the allegations against his wife.

More details soon.


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