Vlogger Gets Alligator To Bite iPhone 7 During Stress-Test

An American tech vlogger tested out the durability of the iPhone 7 by having an alligator bite on it with its powerful jaws.

TechRax posted a video to YouTube showing him using a pole to entice an alligator, under the supervision of a handler, to bite down on an iPhone 7.


The phone, which had been covered with tape to prevent injury to the reptile, takes two bites from the alligator before TechRax brings it back to examine.

The iPhone appears to still be functional, but its screen is shattered to the point of severely inhibiting the clarity of the picture.

The vlogger lowers the phone to the alligator one last time and the animal takes a firm hold of the device.

The final bite from the alligator, which took several seconds to release, renders the phone completely inoperable.

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