Wishing Christians ‘Merry Christmas’ is a sin, worse than murder – Islamic cleric, Zakir Naik


An international orator on Islam and comparative religion, Dr Zakir Naik, on Christmas Day warned Muslims against sending wishes to Christians as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Islamic scholar categorically stated that it was a sin for Muslim folks to wish Christians ‘Merry Christmas.’

On his Twitter handle @DrZakirNaikFC, he wrote: “Wishing Merry Christmas to Christians is worse evil, worse than fornication or murder.

“Please avoid it my dear Muslims. It’s a big sin. Retweet and spread the message.

“I hope no Muslim wishes or updates any status on Christmas because celebrating Christmas is against Islam, against Allah, against Prophet Mohammed [saw] so be aware of that very big sin.”

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Source: Dailypost


  1. Dr. Zakir Naik, have finally shows the world that he is the really Satan! Making such post have confirmed that he is the Antichrist!!!

    • “No Muslim is a Muslim if he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ” Dr. Zakir Naik. This man is a scholar, not on Islam alone but the bible as well my dear. He knows the bible, tet to know him before you get angry over a simple truth, after all, we are just follow the christmas idea because some people told us it is when Jesus was born, how did they know the date. Well, read more on Xmas. We don’t have to get too emotional, truth could be hard when one is used to the old way. Have u read Dr. Kumuyi’s message to Christians about Christmas. Truth is bitter. May God the almighty guide us all.

  2. ‘Hate’ is why we are having crises every where . As a respected cleric why making such sensitive statement,if it was actually truth. propagate the cause of your religion only to your followers. And stop medling into an affairs that doesnt concerns you. Islamic injunction ‘religion’ yours is yours and mine is mine……. Then why insulting others?

  3. He is another rabble rouser on the prowl that needs to be tamed by fellow Muslims. His saddist elusion and demented soul is searching for some loose cannons to be used as foot soldiers again that will carry out their wicked plans of annihilation of peace loving people all over the world. The world must stop him before he grow to another hydraheaded pig like Osama bin laden

  4. This imam or whatever he is called should cite the portion of the Quran that attests to his stupidity.
    Anyway Christians just need to be ready for another craze of evil from his like-minded.

  5. This foolish, good for nothing, Osama look alike man must surely be a terrorist, I don’t know where is written in the Quran that celebrating Xmas is a sin well, God go soon punish him.

  6. My fellow Christians do not be in a hurry to crucify the Muslim scholar. He may be rite wen he said to his fellow Muslim all over the world not to celebrate or wish the Christians a merry christmas.the reason is not far fetched,and the word Christmas can’t be found in the Holy Bible. December 25th is not the day christ Jesus was born and can’t be traced in the Bible. so Christmas day could be a man made celebration of the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ December 25th every year. history also have it that 18th-25th of December AD. Was the pagans holiday of celebrating their Deities and may be that is what the so called Muslim scholar saw and is calling on his people to shun Christmas. Pls go ogle the Internet to know more about the origin of Christmas. It will surely amaze and enlightened u on what Christmas day,Christmas tree and boxing day signifies.


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