Woman Stabs Lover To Death For Tearing Up Picture Of Her Son’s Dead Father


Tumelo Diphoko, a South African was stabbed to death on Tuesday afternoon by his new lover.

His lover allegedly went berserk and stabbed her new boyfriend to death after he tore up a photo of her son’s dead father.

The report revealed that the incident happened while Tumelo Diphoko (42) and his 26-year-old girlfriend were relaxing together at his home at Chris Hani Square in Mangaung, Free State of South Africa, on Tuesday afternoon.

An eyewitness said the woman found a torn ID photo of her dead boyfriend, who died in 2014 and became furious. “When the mum saw the photo was torn, she asked her boyfriend if he was responsible. “He said yes, he did it because he could see she still loved her dead boyfriend!

“The photo was the only thing the little boy had left of his father, who died shortly after he was born in 2014. “The couple had lived together for a year. “The woman took out a knife from a drawer and stabbed him.

“I never thought she would do something like this.” Tumelo’s brother, Galeboe (41), said by the time he arrived on the scene after receiving a phone call about what had happened, his brother was already dead. “We will bury him soon. “There’s not much else I can say. “I hope his spirit rests in peace and justice takes its course,” said Galeboe.

Police spokesman Constable Mosili Ntsika confirmed the incident. “A 26-year-old woman allegedly stabbed a 42-year-old man in the left side of the neck, killing him. “A case of murder was opened against the woman.

She is currently in custody and will appear in court soon,” said Ntsika.

Source: BreakingTimes

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  • Actually am not posting to commen but to tell you of an incedent that happened in yola adamawa state yestrday. A lady poisen her husband who works as a plumber in the Federal medical centre yola after four children just becouse of minor issues.

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