10 Questions And Answers Over PH And GH Unfrozen Mavro On January 14th As Promised By MMM


Here are answers to your questions over the mavros to be unfrozen on January 14th, as promised by MMM.

Question 1: I’ve pledged to PH but don’t have the money to fulfil it?

Answer: PH only if you have the #SpareMoney# to fulfil it, if not cancel it now.

Question 2: Can l still change my phone number that has been confirmed?

Answer: Yes and can only be done through the support section of your PO.

Question 3: Are mavros to be unfrozen in batches?

Answer: No, All confirmed marvos will be unfrozen on January 14th get more information in ur PO soon.

Question 4: Must l PH to be able to GH on January 14th.

Answer: No, PHing to be able to GH on January 14th isn’t compulsory. Await more info in ur PO soon.

Question 5: What must be done to be able to GH on January 14th?

Answer: Nothing, Just await further information in ur PO. Don’t over finger” your PO.

Question 6: Will mavros be unfrozen on January 14th?

Answer: Yes, all confirmed marvos will be unfrozen on January 14th as promised. More info in ur PO soon.

Question 7: Would we be able to get our money 💵 back?

Answer: Be rest assured that you will be able to GH every confirmed mavros from January 14th #MMMPays#

Question 8: Must l perform #PromoTasks# to be able to GH?

Answer: No, Performance of #PromoTasks# is ur personal contribution to the growth of MMM Community.

Question 9: ls it compulsory to confirm my email address and phone number in my PO?

Answer: No, Just be sure your phone number is correct and active.

Question 10: What if PH level surpasses GH level?

Answer: The new model to be unveiled soon got all your worries covered. Hakuna Matata! 👍


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