10 Things You Didnt Know About Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, Olakunle ChurchHill


Tonto Dikeh’s marriage to Olakunle Oladunni Churchill is the subject of many social media discussion right now.

Matters arising remain her removal of his name from her bio and how her public apology to Mercy Johnson spell danger for their less than two years old marriage which is reportedly fraught with infidelity accusations.

But before you jump to conclusions and pass judgments on the person of her hubby, Celeb Police deemed it fit to give you relevant information about the man that will give you perspective.

This case is certainly not over until we get the full statements of the parties involved.

Here are what we gather:

1. His father is a younger brother to the former president.

2. He is the Chairman of Big Churchill Haven Limited (a Tech and IT Solutions outfit), CEO of Big Church Entertainment, Lagos, and President of The Big Church Foundation, a charity concern involved in philanthropic activities across Nigeria.

3. He was alleged married to one Bimbo Coker in December 2012.

4. A very close source said he also had some growing up experience in Port Harcourt.

5. His gifts to Tonto Dikeh, both as a fiancée and wife, are mouth watering. A 2017 Lexus SUV and G-Wagon are part of the largesse. His philanthropic work is well publicized as well.

6. The brother certainly subscribes to the ‘get her pregnant before marrying her’ trend. They got married in August 2015 and welcomed their first child less than 9 months later in February 2016. Is that not the ‘very good bad guy’ trademark?

7. He seems to be a quiet person. Prior to his marriage to the actress, we knew very little about him. After marrying her, she more or less disappeared from her usual limelight, more like a complete housewife person you would say. Except for his public work, Churchill, even though a ‘big boy’ in his own rights doesn’t hug the limelight.

8. You will agree with us that it will take a man with a large heart to marry someone as controversial as Tonto Dikeh. He may not be a Kanye West, but Churchill didn’t care about some of Tonto’s ‘crazy stunts’ before he met her. He loves her all the same

9. The young entrepreneur had hardly showed his face in the spotlight via dating Tonto Dikeh back in 2015 before the Nigerian blogosphere went agog with his alleged ‘internet fraudster, yahoo boy and serial womaniser’ personality. The difficulty of explaining his wealth gave many a hard time. Since they couldn’t dig and understand him, they tried defining him their own way. Turned out to be all imagined as there are no incriminating reports from the authorities against the man.

10. Hey, don’t’ get this in the ‘deaf and dumb’ sense! Besides his engagements at his Big Church Foundation, Churchill is just not the social media type. His personal social media handles, if any are quiet. We hope he talks to us on the current issues rocking his marriage.

Source: aminagist