3 Foods You Should Always Wash Before Eating

No matter how hungry you are, always wash these foods before you eat….

1. Always wash: Cans before opening

You should never open a can without first washing it. The lid is specially designed to prevent any bacteria that are present from coming into contact with what you are about to eat.

It is also important to rinse what is inside the can to get rid of the preservatives that were use in the processing.

2. Fruits and vegetables with edible peels

Always, without exception, wash all fruits and vegetables with edible peels. You should wash them with cold water just before eating them. Some people wash them with soap as well, but this is not good because the porous surface of the fruit or vegetable will absorb parts of the soap, and that’s not healthy.

If you want to reduce even more bacteria, use a paper towel to dry your produce before eating it. Even if your produce is labeled organic, it does not mean you should not wash it before eating. Also, the water spray grocery stores use to keep produce fresh longer doesn’t count as washing!

3. Fruits and Vegetables with NON-edible peels

Bananas, watermelon, lemons, oranges, etc., have non-edible peels, however, bacteria can be transferred to the inside the fruit or the vegetable when you slice through the peel if it has not been washed first.


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