30 Daily Ideas To Show Your Sweetheart How Much You Love Him

Days can pass by quickly or very slowly. Make the most of the days you have and take time during the day to show your sweetheart how much you love him. You can do any of these 30 things on a daily basis to show him your love, and by doing so, your life and your relationship will grow much brighter than ever before.

1. Look for things you can compliment him on

2. Give him space when he needs it

3. Find time to sit together and just talk

4. Send him a cute email while he’s at work

5. Talk to him in a loving, not belittling way

6. Give him a wink from across the room

7. Bring him breakfast in bed

8. Notice the things he sacrifices for you and your family

9. Look into his eyes when he’s talking to you

10. Thank him for things he’s done

11. Let him sleep in on weekends

12. Kiss him

13. Plan a romantic night together

14. Honor him in front of your children

15. Hold his hand on a night out

16. Cuddle with him on a night in

17. Let go of the little things

18. Wear something you know he loves

19. Hide notes in his things for him to find when he gets to work

20. Tell him you love him

21. Make him laugh

22. Make him his favorite meal

23. Brag about him to your friends when he can hear you

24. Touch him as you walk by

25. Be the first to apologize

26. Pray for him and pray together

27. Watch the ball game with him

28. Have a happy attitude

29. Tell your children what you love about him

30. Tell him why you love him



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