7 Tips to Make a Guy Fall And Stay in Love With You

Love is a complicated thing. The chemistry of attraction is hard to pin down but it doesn’t stop people from falling in love. With every passing minute people meet, get married, start families, and create life-long partnerships. The force behind it all is simple: who would want to give up on love? We won’t have this beautiful world as it is if it wasn’t for love. People spend years waiting and searching for something true and pure. Sometimes it happens faster than expected – sometimes everything feels hopeless. No matter what you do: never give up on yourself and on finding love. We are here to help!

1. Be confident.
Being sure of yourself and your actions is an incredibly attractive trait. As humans, we long to be with someone who can be confident in their decisions, in their future, and therefore your future together. You are resilient and strong – don’t ever doubt yourself! Inner confidence is sexy and it shows even when you are not trying to push it forward. Always being confident is a tremendous asset – don’t be timid about exhibiting max confidence!

2. Learn how to listen.
Every healthy relationship is based on communication and finding true love will be based on it too. You must be genuinely interested in the person you would like to pursue – get to know them, where they are coming from what makes them tick. Be still for a few minutes and just listen.

3. Look into his soul.
They say that “the eyes are the mirrors to our souls” for a reason. Eye contact is crucial in any communication especially when you are just trying to get to know someone. Our mouths can say whatever we want but our eyes rarely lie. Look at him, study his face, smile, and most importantly have a blast!

4. Be approachable.
So many women all over the world are dying to find love yet can get very defensive and tighten up and don’t let anyone get too close. A guy needs to know that he can ask you things and you won’t look down on him. Be easy-going and open, engage in conversation, and share your inner thoughts! Relax, he is just a person.

5. Respect his masculinity.
We live in a day and age when we treat everyone equally (at least we try). As the independent woman that you strive to be, it is easy to overlook this. A man wants to feel like a man and be appreciated for his abilities. When he wants to walk you home after your date ‘to keep you safe’ – don’t get mad but rather use this opportunity to spend more time with him!

6. Captivate him.
We all like to believe that we have enchanting personalities. In most cases we do but we push them down because we don’t want to be different. If you want to attract someone – you have to entice him with your charm. Share your thoughts and your passions – show him your last DIY project! Mesmerize him with you.

7. Be YOU.
Speaking of you: don’t forget that you are awesome. And if you are reading this you are already open to new possibilities. Don’t ever hide behind a mask – show your true colors! You always get caught in a lie when you try to conceal something. Be yourself and stay true to who you are. Being calm, open, and humble are the most attractive things in a girl.